Quality Property Services is dedicated to Home Services with Quality & Care.

It is the vision of Elaina Saderup, who after working with different Property Management Companies in Big Bear, saw the need for Quality home care and personal service to Vacation homes in the area.  Breaking away from the “Big Name, Big Inventory” theory, Elaina and her husband, Bill created a more intimate, personal Property Management team.

Living in this beautiful vacation town for over 24 years, understanding Homeowner’s concerns for their unoccupied 2nd homes, and experiencing hands-on cleaning, security checks, and rental turn-overs, Elaina & Bill are a perfect team to customize service for any Homeowner.  Elaina’s love for decorating has overflowed into one of several services offered as well as Bill’s offerings from his family business in Equipment rental, which comes with a long line of Home Contractors for recommendation.

Quality Property Services has a small team of employees to help; each being assigned to specific homes.  All work is supervised and QC’d, so as to stand behind our word…”Quality”.  And, this is where personalized service comes to play...the same person caring for your home on a regular basis, taking pride in their work.

When it's time for a Homeowner to ease their mind and put the care of their home in our hands, Elaina will personally visit the property, with the Homeowner to go over all concerns and needs.  Detailed notes are written, careful planning and consideration taken, and enhance Quality care is given to the home.

Quality Property Services is continuing to grow.  Keeping in mind a limited inventory, each home is handpicked to suit our profile.  No home too big or small, we are interested to discuss personal expectations and visit your home.

Elaina & Bill